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The letters mo are a dialec­tical pro­nuncia­tion of more, and often used casu­ally to that effect. If you Google “some mo”, you will find hund­reds of insta­nces of the appli­cation meaning “some more”, and that is just one phrase using mo in its capa­city as more. But Mo is also a short nick­name for Mau­reen, Maurice or Morris, and it is the acronym for Misso­uri, and Modus Operan­di.

The word Dunk refers to one of two things:

  1. Dipping some­thing solid into a liquid, like dunking toast in coffee, or dunking cheese squares into a sauce.
  2. Similarly to dipping into liquids in a contai­ner with a circu­lar rim, like a coffee cup lip, or sauce bowl rim, in basket­ball, dunk means to not throw or hit or redi­rect the ball, but to grab the ball and put it down into the hoop. It is a move that invo­lves incre­dible athle­tic pro­wess, and gives the word dunk a sense of dyna­mism.

There is also a conno­ta­tion about basket­ball dunking, that it is impo­ssible to stop. If the ball is dunked, it is over and done. Unlike the ball being thrown, where there is a sig­nifi­cant chance that it misses the mark, or is inte­rcep­ted. It is a meta­phor often used in busi­ness, where people say a conce­pt, plan, or deal, is a slam dunk. The meaning also implies, it is a good thing (you can rely on the score gain, which is great), not just that the thing is done. It's a slam dunk has a similar meaning as the phrases We've got this, It's in the bag, It's a sure thing, and It's a done deal.

Both words toge­ther in MoDunk, with the several de­fini­tions of each, make it a versa­tile name. But for the major inte­rpre­ta­tions of each. The name MoDunk could be inte­rpre­ted as a place that has foods that can be dipp­ed, and there is a lot more than you could poss­ibly eat.

Given the nature of MoDunk.­com and lack of availa­bility of domains of this nature, particularly with the .com exten­sion, it could be extre­mely valu­able to help the right buyer build their online Brand. And even more so with our per­for­mance gua­ran­tee.

If you are a first responder, educator, or senior citizen, you may qualify for a stan­dard dis­count. Contact us for access to your dis­coun­ted price.

Price: $4,400

The brand power of MoDunk marketing example image. Performance Guarantee Logo

The name MoDunk is very short, with only 6 letters and 2 sylla­bles. It is very easy to prono­unce, and pho­neti­cally, it has a bouncy, rhyth­mic, and bold sound that is diffe­rent and stands out. It is also very visu­ally int­eres­ting. It has a combi­nation of struc­tured sharp letters on the edges M-k, and rounded letters at the center o-D-u, which gives the feeling of some­thing with a profe­ssio­nal struc­ture that has frien­dli­ness at the core.

The feel is extre­mely casual through both words Mo as more and Dunk as dip, which can be toned down by using capital letters in the logo, which also make it louder and more struc­tured. The resul­ting name, MODUNK gives off a strong appeal as a frien­dly place with loads of per­sona­lity, that compe­tently deli­vers organi­zed (struc­tured) servi­ces, with little wait (dyna­mic), in a wide variety (more dunk­ing) of dunk­able foods, and where people can let go of the forma­lity that must be portra­yed at times in day-to-day life. Where you can eat and drink as much as you want (there is always more), and just enjoy with frie­nds. It is a power­ful marke­ting messa­ge.

In marke­ting, we strive to get adver­tising to go viral with word of mouth and online sharing in social media, crea­ting a wave of inte­rest, which we seek to trans­late into demand for our produ­cts, inc­rea­sing our sales without increa­sing our marke­ting expen­ses signi­fica­ntly. Inte­rest­ingly enough, people will get behind things they feel are winn­ers, with the same energy with which they avoid being assoc­ia­ted with things they feel are losers. It is engra­ined in our insti­ncts, as a need for social accep­tance, and is extre­mely power­ful. So marke­ting is tied at the core with the percep­tion of succ­ess and winn­ing. A unique aspect of the name MoDunk, is that basket­ball dunking is the epitome of human physi­cal exce­llence, and that could make the name MoDunk extre­mely power­ful.

An example of marke­ting to that stre­ngth would be as foll­ows: Imagine MoDunk was a natio­nal fran­chise of coffee shops that offered a wide assort­ment of past­ries that could be dunked in coffee. A very famous retired basketball celebrity is sitting at a table with the counter, menu, and MoDunk logo promi­nently behind him. He sighs, nost­algi­cally looking out the window. The camera pans to see some young people playing basket ball, with the voice over of the celebrity: "The power of youth is breath­taking." And one of the basket­ball players dunks the ball (pro­lifi­cally) and does a victory dance. Then the celebrity says into the camera "I'm too old for that kind of dunk­ing. But this I can still do... (pau­sing and reflec­ting on his coffee and pastry). And it is simply aweso­me." And he dunks the pastry in the coffee and takes a bite, closing his eyes in deli­ght... "Mmmm". Then the annou­ncer voice over "Don't miss our promo­tion on the flaky almond-vanilla popper dunk (what­ever highli­ghted prod­uct), just $3.99 this week only", with a close up pan of the product that looks extre­mely succu­lent. Then ending with the MoDunk logo over a white screen and the annou­ncer voice over "MoDunk, where the dunking never ends". Other adds change the product highli­ghted and offer, of course. And the campa­ign could have many varia­tions, like the celebrity saying: "I remem­ber those days. The muscle pains, and inju­ries from that kind of dun­king." (major amazing basket­ball dunk). Pan to the celebrity with his coffee and snack: "This is waaaay more plea­sant." Then dunk, bite, close eyes in deli­ght... Another could be him saying "So much went into that kind of dun­king. Its a lot harder than it looks." (major amazing basket­ball dunk) Pan to the celebrity with his coffee and snack nodd­ing in appro­val: "This is waaaay easier. And tas­tier." Then dunk, bite, close eyes in deli­ght... A team of witty marke­ting profe­ssio­nals brain­stor­ming could come up with 20 scena­rios and they could be filmed in a single loca­tion in a few hours and produce the core of a cohe­rent and extre­mely enga­ging campa­ign. There is marke­ting power beyond belief.

Brand names with two syllables, like MoDunk are quite common among top brands. They are very valuable, not just because they are easy to remember, but also because they are a preference in modern marketing. Examples of successful 2 syllable brand names are Pixar™, Maytag™, Bounty™, Pampers™, Uber™, Apple™, Subway™, Disney™, 3M™, Tesla™, Walmart™, Target™, Nike™, DreamWorks™, FaceBook™, Google™, Pfizer™, GoodYear™, PayPal™, Sony™, Petco™, Kellogs™, Bayer™, Hershey's™, Red Bull™, Starbucks™, Honda™, Canon™, Lego™, Gold Kist™, Mattel™, Gillette™, Pennzoil™, Qualcomm™, Labcorp™, Pep Boys™, and many other top brands.

Email add­re­sses are very appea­ling in a very wide range from casual to very formal, at all times exuding prof­essi­ona­lism and great cre­dibi­lity:


Of course, a snack food / coffee shop / all-you-can-eat fondue restau­rant, that is vib­rant, infor­mal and happe­ning, could be a great app­lica­tion of the name MoDunk, but it can be many other things as well. A coffee brand, a tea brand, or a brand of nutri­tional supple­ments that are packa­ged in a way that they can be dunked into a liquid where they quickly diss­olve for easy inges­tion. MoDunk could also be a great name for a service that relates to basket­ball, like a camp, trai­ning center, or coa­ching ser­vice, or any of many other uses with the diff­erent mea­nings of the words.

All things considered, MoDunk.­com is an extremely professional domain, that is very memorable, crea­tive, upbeat, and enti­cing, and offers instant credibility in coffee and snacks taste and service.

The relative value of MoDunk.­com

Yearly sales exp­ecta­tions for MoDunk, in some use scenarios, could be in excess of $20M per year, and if the marke­ting power of the name could incre­ase that, even if it was only 10%, by crea­ting the marke­ting syner­gies that could attract addi­tional poten­tial cust­omers and retain existing ones at a higher rate, and assu­ming a gross margin of 40%, MoDunk.­com could be be pur­chased for $800K and pay for itself within one year. All other bene­fits of fun, pride, differ­entia­tion, supe­rior brand loya­lty, higher profi­tabi­lity, market pro­tec­tion, high memo­rabi­lity, and cohe­sive­ness, in their aspects that did not dire­ctly relate to the growth in sales, would be enti­rely free. It may seem far-fetched or exaggerated, but in reality, it is very hard to convey, just how important having a good brand name, like MoDunk can be when marketing an offering.

Other domain names have sold at prices that sub­stan­tiate the ex­tra­ordi­nary value of MoDunk.­com at $4,400. For inst­ance:

  • sold a little over a year ago for $134,000
  • sold a little over a year ago for $50,000
  • sold 8 months ago for $95,000
  • sold a little over 3 years ago for $100,000
  •, a similar length domain, sold 3 months ago for $49,888
  • sold a little over a year ago for $90,000
  • sold 4 months ago for $49,500

MoDunk.­com is a very appealing domain, and for some applications, it undoubtedly has more marketing power in its ability to create a memorable brand than any of these domains that have recently sold. We know that we could demand a higher price for MoDunk.­com and get it, especi­ally consi­de­ring the pre­limi­nary marke­ting and rese­arch that has gone into MoDunk.­com, and the fact that it is aged over 3 years, and comes bun­dled with marke­ting app­ropri­ate art­work. But our desire is also to help busi­nesses get off the ground with great names that add value to their overall marke­ting stra­tegy, not merely maxi­mize our poten­tial profit holding the names until we find the buyer whose cir­cum­stan­ces would jus­tify the high­est price possi­ble. How­ever, it is good to under­stand that from this pers­pective, our price of $4,400 is 99% off of the $800K it could be worth, and an incre­dible value.

Is MoDunk the perfect name for your brand?

MoDunk.­com is avai­lable right now with our 100% Per­for­mance Gua­ran­tee. If you are decided to build your new Brand, and you have done your due dili­gence, and you know that MoDunk.­com is right for you, then do not to hesi­tate. Wait­ing means lost pro­fits and opp­or­tuni­ties. Start buil­ding your online brand today.

Price: $4,400

Bonuses included with MoDunk.­com

Aged domain: was originally regis­tered on the 16th of October, 2020. It is 3 years, 8 months, and 5 days old.

Brand Bundle items:*BUNDLE

  • Release of owner­ship to buyer.
  • Purchase Protection Warranty. If you do not receive the domain, you pay nothing.
  • Logo in .eps format (Sca­lable Vector).
  • Website logo icon set in a vari­ety of sizes in .png format.
  • Square and horizontal logo images (without slogan) in high reso­lution with .png format over clear, light, dark, and color back­grounds.
  • Business card template image.
  • List of the brand colors used in both RGB (dig­ital disp­lays) and CMYK (prin­ting).

There is only one MoDunk.­com. If you are int­eres­ted in having this unique, enti­cing, crea­tive, upbeat, and highly memo­rable name to build your online Brand. Take advantage of the opportunity to secure it with this great, per­for­mance-gua­ran­teed offer, before someone else does!

Price: $4,400

New domains are often considered to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Often, the better domains were taken a long time ago, and as there have been fewer domains available, older domains can sometimes provide better options. Of course, an old domain does not mean it is a good name.

Old domains often have a number of visitors who arrive out of a variety of reasons. Like backlinks in past SEO efforts with the domain, or bookmarks in past visitor’s browsers, old magazine or news media could contain printed links at the end of an advertisement or editorial content (for more information visit, online directories or personal contact information linking to the domain, or people remembering the domain name and typing it in the browser. This is not the case with all aged domains, but could be the case with MoDunk.­com.

At Max Branded we do not put much weight on existing traffic, because it can often be counterproductive. A previous use of the name would likely have been with a different application, and when visitors arrive expecting a solution related to the previous application and don't find it, they quickly leave the site. This bounce metric can give search engines the impression that your content is not good and harm your rankings. Some backlinks are also not good because they can be associated with spamming tactics and having them can also hurt your search rankings. Buying a name with 10,000 backlinks can actually be a challenge and a time-consuming chore for SEO purposes. We feel that in the vast majority of instances, it is best to start your backlinking strategy for your new application for your domain name, from scratch.

But overall, having people see your new site is a good thing, and if there is a lot of traffic, and the visitors are indeed interested in your new site, it could be fantastic, but that is certainly not a reasonable expectation of a domain at any age, it is mostly unrelated to the backlink count, which is a standard metric for the value of traffic in the domain industry, and is extremely difficult to assess for several reasons like:

What needs to be assessed Value of traffic has a lot to do with the demographics and preferences of the actual visitors related to the new application of the domain, and that information we cannot possibly know, since it has to do with a possible future application of the name, and is often expensive and time consuming to obtain because it is not readily available.

Link quality The value of each link also has to do with the credibility and prominence of the site at which the link originates, and the relative exclusivity of the backlink at the page in the source. A site with 3 good backlinks could be a great purchase, but even those might be unrelated (causing SEO issues), and are unreliable at best, because they will likely be lost once the source realizes the link destination has changed.

Backlinks often do not bring traffic or add credibility Backlink count on its own can be very misleading, as many old SEO tactics involved high volumes of garbage links, and even good SEO tactics that are relevant today create backlinks whose benefit can often be lost over time. A domain with 10,000 backlinks could have well over 9,000 of them offering zero value.

One of the issues that search engines face is the proliferation of spammers and scammers. As quickly as they are banned from results, they migrate much of their content to a new domain and circumvent the ban for another brief period until they are banned again. They are always operating on new domains, so search engines often penalize new domains.

But when a domain, like MoDunk.­com, has been registered for over 3 years and has not been used in a manner that would get it banned, search engines will tend to rank the domain higher because it is less likely to be a problematic site.

When people see search results of similar named sites, the assumption is that the “.com” domain is the original. For instance, if we see “” and a different site at “”, we will have the impression that the “.com” is the official site. The sentiment is mirrored in feedback from search engine algorithm updates that reportedly affect “.com” extensions less, because sites with “.com” are sites that on average, indeed have the greater authority.

There are many domain extensions today. However, studies have shown that people trust “.com” more than the same name with any other extension. It is also something we intuitively know because we search for things online, and Credibility is critical, and “.com” has more of it.

It is not the same to stand at a traffic light in a Porsche than in a Volkswagen… It is not the same to drive a Jaguar, than a Ford… In the same way owning a great domain that is an original .com, has its status. It is not the same to say “I own”, than it is to say “I own”. The difference is actually huge.

We make assumptions of the quality expected from the services of a person by the level of professionalism by their point of contact. For instance, if Adam started a business and called it "MoDunk", he would have a tough time getting people to buy from him if his point of contact was “” because it is very unprofessional. It would be more professional to have the email "", but the most professional and likely to attract customers would be "”. Of course, there are many more points in the scale of professionalism in presentation. But all studies ever conducted prove the simple fact: professionalism sells. And a clear, engaging, and memorable “.com” domain is the top end of the professionalism spectrum.

In the business world, we place our contact information on business cards, advertisements, printed marketing, stationary, directories and many other places. When people glance at the information, they immediately recognize “.com” as the ending of a website or an email address. Often people have doubts as to whether “.co” is a typo, and can fail to recognize other extensions as a web address. The gold standard is “.com”.

The Brand Bundle price for is $4,400, and is payable to Max Branded via It is our compensation for releasing the ownership of the domain, and delivering the available above mentioned bonuses.

Please refer to disclaimers below, terms and conditions and our privacy policy that govern the release and delivery of the bundle items.

When you purchase, it needs to be transferred to a registrar account in your name. Max Branded covers any expenses that may arise in the release side with our registrar, however, you are responsible for whatever fees your registrar of choice imposes on the transfer in. Some registrars charge a fee to transfer in a domain, but usually registrars only charge a one year extension to the domain registration, effectively transferring the domain in at no charge. The registration fee is due for all domain names, on a yearly basis, as a normal expense of owning a domain.

Specifically: Professional educators at accredited institutions, senior citizens who are 70 years or older, and first response. Namely, military personnel, paramedics/EMTs, fire rescue, and law-enforcement. If you indeed qualify, we thank you for your service and hereby pay our respects to your contributions. Hopefully, we give back to you with both the extra 10% off, and your success with the MoDunk.­com brand.

Any purchase of 3 or more similarly priced Brand Bundles can be evaluated for an additional discount, within reason. 10 or more similarly priced Brand Bundles will result in approximately an additional 10% off.

We increase the price of Brand Bundles based on a number of factors, including market shifts that may produce opportunities, partnerships that may increase our expenses, and the devaluation of the US dollar. If you were intending to purchase a domain and we recently increased the price before you were able to finalize the decision to buy, let us know to consider holding the price increase for you.

Our price is designed to be haggle-free. We know that we could get four or five times the price for any of our Brand Bundles, so we will not accept lower offers for our Brand Bundles. We invest rather extensively into each Brand Bundle and feel confident in the value that the MoDunk.­com Brand Bundle will bring the customer who takes it to market.

As a rule of thumb, our price is much lower than what we feel the monthly marketing budget should be for a venture, so theoretically, the business venture using MoDunk.­com, will be spending no less than $4,400 every month in its advertising campaigns. With that in mind, over the first 5 years, the price of the Brand Bundle is less than 1.7% of the marketing budget, which is nothing in comparison to the benefits it is expected to bring. The reason our pricing is so far below what we feel is attainable, is because our mission is to help new business ventures succeed in today's challenging market conditions. Discounts will not be considered unless there is a reasonable and fair cause to take the time to consider a discount.

Assessing return on investment is the responsibility of the entrepreneur / investor. If you agree that the return for the price of MoDunk.­com will be great, then there is no valid price objection.

Making financial arrangements to cover business expenses and cashflows is another important job of every entrepreneur. If any of our Brand Bundles is truly unaffordable to any entity, then the chances that entity will be successful using the Brand Bundle are minimal, simply because the entity lacks the financial resources to launch successfully. They will struggle to afford employees, essential services, inventories, R&D, startup costs, overhead up to the breakeven point, and the myriad of unexpected expenses that are sure to arise in the course of business. From our perspective, with our high value proposition, there can be no valid affordability objection.

Our selection process involves research on the name and it’s meaning in western cultures, assessing all the qualities we list as important in name selection, including distinctiveness, relevance, phonetic appeal, length, memorability, and the emotions the name evokes, among other parameters. We rate our findings and select only the best. MoDunk passed our criteria with flying colors.

Traditionally, naming a new business venture involved a group of people brainstorming and coming up with possibilities, then discussing the options, and clarifying preferences, then checking the availability of those names’ domains. With domain names being as scarce as they are today, it is likely the name is not available, and if the domain is not available, then it is back to brainstorming. This iterative process can ultimately end in a name that is not very good because there tends to be lower quality in each iteration. And perhaps equally importantly, it is very time consuming, and expensive. Checking Max Branded’s name recommendations is a great shortcut, since there is additional marketing insight filtered into those names already. Also, checking through the names allows you to get a first impression of the feel of the name when seeing it for the first time. It is very valuable insight, and is practically impossible to get when brainstorming, because you have been playing with words for so long that the names feel like a collection of prioritized possibilities, rather than a business. The result is less time to market and a superior name.

Marketing design allows us to better understand how the name will feel in use, and you get to keep the copyrights with your purchase. We developed the logo of MoDunk.­com to be appealing, brandable, trademarkable, and flexible for different marketing needs, including being rendered in black and white, and being scaled down to a 16px X 16px favicon among many others. Having the preliminary marketing also means that you are not starting from scratch developing your site. With a few adjustments, the site design can be ready to launch, saving time and money and creating a very appealing end result that produces a strong brand following. Having professional marketing support from the initial design stage means less problems later on when designs often reveal issues that make them unsuited for some marketing needs.

We feel that our domains deliver superior value to those of competitors simply because of our marketing research, extensive prescreening, rigorous selection process, and the experience behind those processes. In addition to that, MoDunk.­com is offered with even greater value with bonuses like being aged over 3 years, and coming bundled with logo artwork, support images and color palette recommendations. The detailed bonuses included with MoDunk.­com are listed in the "Bonuses included with MoDunk.­com" section above.

Many online suppliers are guarded, playing in what seems to be an adversarial role against their customers with their cards close to their chest. Their online offerings often hide their price, and other information. Granted, their domains are probably very valuable indeed, and sticker shock can prevent people from contacting the seller, and each entrepreneur has the right to do business as they wish. But at Max Branded we are 100% transparent. Our offering is very straightforward. We research and screen hundreds of thousands of names and source those with the most potential, we then develop a brand appeal with marketing designs to enhance the power of the name, and provide the package to our customers with the intent that our efforts will serve them in building the online brand they dream of. Our efforts are in line with our customer's interests, we hide nothing, and our transactions are in the spirit of win / win.

In marketing we use statistical data to validate our interpretation of market opportunities. And of course there is great value in it, particularly in the feedback areas to better understand how people are engaging with our offering, where they are coming from, and what preferences are met and unmet. This process should be the core of the marketing evolution of a company. However, in areas where a market has not yet experienced a product (prior to launch), it can be very difficult to use statistics because there is no reliable data available. Even a focus group of target market customers, which is very advisable, can be tricky to manage and can give wildly incorrect data, even when well managed.

There is a phenomenon that challenges data. It is the opposite of Murphy's Law, and could be expressed as "If the business can be successful, it will be." And it relates to the drive of the entrepreneur. It is a severely underrated marketing influence. The passion to bring something new into the world, the strength of courage, facing competition, and uncertainty, while carrying the weight of responsiblity for employees and the effects of the business in the community. It is sheer will power, and it is fueled by belief. if you, as an entrepreneur, feel that MoDunk.­com is the right name for your business, and you know it down to the core of your bones, you just know…

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You use the auth code we have provided you, to transfer into your account in the registar you chose.

The transaction with has an inspection period of 14 days, where you can ensure you have received what we promised to deliver. Either by express communication acknowledging the receipt of the marketing resources and auth code that worked transferring into your registrar account, or by implicit acceptance by not denying the receipt (you are in control), the funds are approved to be released to Max Branded.

With the acceptance of receipt of the domain and bonus resources, per the terms mutually agreed upon in advance, releases payment to Max Branded, and the transaction is concluded.


*BUNDLE Bundle item graphic alterations of color and/or size are included at no additional charge, but not major custom alterations.

*G The Performance Guarantee is limited to money actually received by Max Branded for MoDunk.­com, and is offered only to support a legitimate effort to launch a business, while responsibly using MoDunk.­com. Learn more about the terms of the Performance Guarantee.